About us


The TSE 17 Story

 The TSE17 GmbH was founded in 2016 in the US in view of the great total solar eclipse in August 2017 in order to bundle the existing know-how for such events and to focus on the special products for sun care.

Markus Ludes, the partner and managing director of the company, is a recognized expert in the industry for nearly 30 years with his other company APM Telescopes as a partner and supplier of telescopes and accessories for amateur astronomers as well as for a large number of professional users.


Renowned institutions such as NASA, ESA, Max Plank Institute and a large number of domestic and foreign universities as well as observatories all over the world are among his clients.
Markus Ludes is also a co-partner and founder of Lunt Solar Systems in the USA.
The existing knowledge in the field of solar observation was used with the TSE17 for a purpose:


To develop, produce and ultimately sell one hundred percent safe and powerful products.


Sun Eclipse eyewear has been tested to the highest ISO standards as well as in Europe and the US, and is on the list of recommended safe products of NASA and AAS (American Astronomical Society) together with few other manufacturers.


We produce according to the highest, ISO certified standards in Germany.