Eclipse Glasses Standard - Total Eclipse

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  • SW10004
  • Total Eclipse
 only a small amount available Eclipse Glasses Standard - Total Eclipse - packed in... mehr
Produktinformationen "Eclipse Glasses Standard - Total Eclipse"

 only a small amount available

Eclipse Glasses Standard - Total Eclipse - packed in clear foil

With TSE17 Eclipse Shades you can watch the "once in a lifetime" eclipse on August 21 comfortably and safely!

  • All of our solar viewing glasses and products are of optical density 5 or greater
  • Our products are certified to meet the standards for DIN ISO 12312-2-2015
  • They are approved by the ICS Institute for optimal eye care

Before each use, please check front and back of each lens for damage such as scratches, pinholes or separation from frame. NEVER LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN WITHOUT EYE PROTECTION DURING "PARTIAL PHASES" - use Eclipse Glasses whenever ANY PART of the sun, no matter how small, is visible. Children should use only with adult supervision.

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